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Glare and UV rays are your biggest enemies outdoors, especially while on the slopes. Another enemy? Stuff from the ground kicking up toward your eyes.

So, when shopping for winter sunglasses and goggles, make sure you consider things like polarizing lenses, which reduce glare. With goggles, take special consideration in making sure the goggles will work with a helmet. Try them on, too. Distortion is a nightmare when you’re trying to have fun or do technical sports. Peripheral vision is important here, as is an antifogging factor. You don’t need your breath to work against your sight.


1. Prophecy OTG

This goggle is great for no more fogging, and they have room for eyeglasses. Another bonus? Helmet-compatible. Don’t worry about temple pressure — meet the floating foam membrane, which eliminates that.

–There’s a quick-fit strap adjustment system and wide strap

–Enjoy the two-layer DriWix face foam

Source: Smith Optics


2. Feenom N.L.S.

The Feenom is a snow goggle and has dual antifog spherical lenses for improved visual aid. And uber-wide peripheral vision and triple-density contoured face foam make for an easy fit.

–There’s forward venting through the frame and lens

–It better fits medium and large face sizes

Source: VonZipper


3. Fade AF

This snow goggle has a breathable mesh and what the maker calls an “old-school look.” Antifog UV lenses offer both vision and sun protection.

–Speed Change is what allows you to quickly adjust to changing light with a push/pull bracket system

–The goggles have a triple-layer face foam with Therma-FIT microfiber fleece

Source: Nike


4. Blok

Retro is the look here, mixed with modern tech. It has cylindrical Zeiss lenses and EXV: expansion view technology. There’s an antifog coating.

–The field of view is its key asset

–It has triple-layer face foam and microfleece

Source: Giro


5. Airwave 1.5

OK, these are pretty spendy — around $650 — but here’s what you get: a built-in heads-up display with GPS, Bluetooth and other conveniences. You’ll get immediate analytics for jumps such as distance, height and airtime. There are also preloaded maps, a music playlist control and “buddy tracking.”

–Switchlock allows you to change the lenses quickly

–High-def optics equal high-def clarity

Source: Oakley


6. Roxy Day Dream

These goggles are pretty simple/straightforward/no-nonsense. They’ve got a shatterproof spherical lens for ideal visuals and a large field of vision. Antifog treatment is included, and a perforated lens means more airflow.

–The vermillion lens color means better definition and sharper perception

–The foam has moisture-wicking fleece

Source: REI


7. T1

This goggle features a lightweight frame and low-profile fit, without sacrificing peripheral vision. This specimen is polarized.

–There’s 360-degree venting for breathability and no blow-through

–Pressure Distribution Hinge: this amounts to even distribution of pressure across your face for extra comfort

Source: Dye Snow


8. Alta

Here’s an entry-level goggle, with NoFog antifog treatment, and the Anatomic Centering Strap (ACS) that automatically aligns the top strap with the instep of the foot.

–It has a TruView single lens

–There’s single-layer face foam

Source: Scott


9. Tracker

This youth model has Integral Clarity Technology — an antifog treatment that allows for super clear vision regardless of the conditions.

–Water shedding happens here

–The cylindrical lens uses decentered injection technology, equaling less peripheral distortion

Source: Anon


10. Mansfield

These glasses are about serious sun protection. They’re lightweight and have 100-percent UV-blocking lenses.

–They have a large fit

–There’s five-barrel stainless steel hinges

Source: Dragon Alliance


11. Elevation Climacool

These sunglasses can do a quick-change into goggles, and a headstrap is part of the package. There’s wraparound view and protection and a foam pad ventilates, meaning no fogging.

–Decentered Vision Advantage means resistance to scratches and impact damage

–There’s traction grip for a stable fit

Source: Adidas


12. Ice 8000

These are glasses well-suited for skiing. They have photochromic lenses that adjust to the lighting automatically, and the polarizing factor reflects snow and water.

–Lateral protection from glare is built in

–The compact glasses have a ventilated nosepiece

Source: Cebe